Devi defies odds

Arti Devi. Picture: Jessica Savike

MY disability was one of those things that pushed me in learning and trying to see if I could reach this level.

University of the South Pacific graduate in Master of Computing and Information System, Arti Devi shared how her birth defect which is called spina bifida which translates to split spine was her strength.

Miss Devi said she was born with it and she lives with it which has not been easy but it has definitely been her strength because she doesn’t take things for granted and pushes her limits to achieve something.

The 32-year-old from Nausori shared how she put her health on the line to achieve her Master’s on September 21, 2018.

Miss Devi said there would be times where she wouldn’t want to waste 30 minutes on dinner but would just have tea and continue her studies after returning from a long day of work.

She expressed that she has had an interest in technology since she was in class eight and had decided back then that she would take up a technology orientated course.

After obtaining a Bachelor in Computer Science and Mathematics, Miss Devi started her career as a help desk assistant at Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji Limited where she rose in ranks and currently holds the position of a full scale Technical Business Intelligence Analyst.

Miss Devi said that while working she had an interest to learn more about what was happening at the university level with information technology hence she took up a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology.

She adds that due to her eagerness to learn after obtaining a post grad she continued her studies into the Master’s program.

Miss Devi shared that she didn’t take up the course for qualification purposes but for her interest and eagerness in the field.

“To get this I have put my health on the line because when I work the entire day I need to take a break in the afternoons to lie down or rest for six to seven hours to avoid putting pressure on my spine but instead I use that six to seven hours studying and when it got too much I would prop up some pillows on my bed and continue studying,” said Miss Devi.

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