Details of deadliest crash

Details have emerged about the capsize of a migrant boat in the Mediterranean on Sunday that killed more than 800.

Prosecutors in Italy say the captain, who survived and faces multiple homicide charges, crashed the boat by mistake against a merchant rescue ship.

The capsize is the deadliest recorded in the Mediterranean, the UN says.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) says deaths in 2015 are 30 times higher than the same period last year and could rise to 30,000.

The 28 survivors of the weekend capsize arrived in Catania, Sicily, late on Monday.

Italian police said they issued an arrest warrant for the Tunisian captain of the boat, Mohammed Ali Malek, 27, and crew member Mahmud Bikhit, a 25-year-old Syrian, as soon as the coastguard vessel Bruno Gregoretti docked.

More than a dozen survivors of the weekend shipwreck are being guarded in a house inside the Mineo migrant centre.

They’ve become the most important witnesses in an official criminal investigation into the wreck of their boat.

Italian officials instructed us not to approach or speak to them.

After midday the survivors came out of the house and were escorted the few steps to a waiting minibus.

The survivors — all young men — boarded the bus in single file and in silence.

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