Designer unveils collection

A FIJIAN designer will unveil his new collection at Fiji Day in Lidcombe Oval in Sydney, Australia.

Bayvick Lawrance is planning to take the island identity to a greater scale and into the international fashion arena.

From his home in Sydney, he says his new range is contemporary, modern, elegant, chic and casual at the same time.

He said designs could be worn for corporate, church, casual, romantic dinner dates on hot summer nights and uber chic urban clubbing and nightlife, depending on the mood or occasion you choose to wear it to.

“The prints that you can see on my collection are mainly tribal, fused with tropical colours blended with my signature feature for this season, which is the bird of paradise flower.

“I chose to feature this flower because it reminds me of my early childhood with my grandmother who had a passion in gardening and I always loved the bird of paradise flower while growing up in Fiji.

“There is something about it. It always appeals to me as an elegant and poised flower like a gay peacock.”

The print is a original artwork printed in Sydney.

“My target audience are mainly youths, teens and grown-ups who love their urban, classy and conservative style, yet dynamic and daring, to be different with their indigenous identity.”

He added a modern Kaiviti beauty would mostly find this collection appealing and relatable and would definitely get a sense of ownership with these prints, style and patterns.

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