Descendants reminded to keep girmit legacy alive

Women from the western division during the Girmit Remembrance day celebrations in Nadi. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

DESCENDANTS of the girmitiyas need to ensure they work hard for the betterment of Fiji and keep the memory of their forefathers alive.
According to the co-ordinator of girmit celebrations in Nadi last week, Ravi Narayan, the girmitiyas had worked hard and laid the foundation to a new life.
“They wanted a better life for the descendants and they made our beloved nation Fiji their home and today we descendants are benefiting from their perseverance,” he said.
Mr Narayan said girmit diwas each year was a chance for Fijians of Indian descent to reflect on the sacrifices made by their forefathers and ensure their memory and legacy was kept alive.

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