Deposit grants in separate account, school heads told

The Head Teachers Association Confrence at the FMF Gym in Suva this week. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE Education Ministry says school heads must ensure grants are deposited in a separate bank account.

This was highlighted by the ministry’s manager grants for the finance section, Shayal Sharma, while presenting at the Fiji Head Teachers Association annual conference at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva yesterday.

She says the practice is to ensure grants are not mixed with other school funds.

“The other sources of income that the school will generate are fees from international students, sale of goods from farm produce and canteen fees, or other fees,” she said.

“All these other additional incomes that are generated by the school are to be reported separately.”

She said if a school wanted to carry out fundraising, prior approval from the ministry’s permanent secretary was required.

“If there is no prior approval from the PS, the fundraising becomes unauthorised and the funds gathered from it will raise audit issues which you as school heads will be accountable to answer,” she said.

Ms Sharma added proper record keeping of finances was the responsibility of school heads.

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