Dental check-ups

Prevention plays a big part in lessening dental problems, says Christian Dental Society executive director Dr Bob Meyer.

Dr Meyer and his medical team from the US were in the country providing free medical treatments to villagers along the Lami corridor and were based at Uduya.

The medical team will be here for four days and urged the public to make use of this opportunity.

“They need education more than anything, to understand what causes problems and then deal with the problems, dental-wise, they don’t know why their gum bleeds.”

He said early detection and medical check-ups were the only solution to dental problems.

“Prevention plays a big part in lessening the dental problems.”

The team provided free basic health checks, eyeglasses and medical treatment to those who needed filling or tooth extractions.

Volunteer and eye specialist, Roger Lutz, said people in the villages needed to have regular medical check-ups.

“We try to get the younger people so that they can now get on with education so that they know how to care for the elderly generation.”

Former Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church president Waisea Vuniwai said they were happy to be assisted with free medical check-up as such.

“We are really excited for small opportunities like this to provide free medical and dental service is really great.”

“Most of our people in this kind of society can’t afford to pay private doctors. This is a big plus for us,” he said.

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