Dengue red zone

SAWENI in Lautoka has been identified as a dengue fever red zone.

And the community with a population of about 2000 is where the Ministry of Health launched its National Clean Up Campaign last Saturday.

Lomolomo and Saweni advisory councillor Shakuntla Devi Permal said the existence of mosquito breeding places was a strong likelihood because of developments in the area.

“As advisory councillor of this community, I am positive that this is the right place to launch such a campaign,” she said.

“This is the red zone for dengue and for mosquito breeding places since it’s very populated and residents are not given ample space for their houses, and it’s like a squatter system.

“The houses are very close to each other, they don’t have proper drainage and garbage disposal facilities,” she said.

Ms Permal said indiscriminate rubbish dumping was also a problem along the busy Queens highway.

“Since it’s alongside the road, people travelling from Lautoka to Nadi or Nadi to Lautoka dump rubbish anyhow.

“We collected a lot of bottles and soda cans and a lot of rubbish that is thrown from moving vehicles.”

She said residents were not the only ones to blame.

“A lot of the rubbish found here are from passengers on buses and motor vehicles and they’re not only from the residents who live here.”

During the launch campaign, Assistant Minister for Health Alex O’Connor said blocked drainage systems were a concern in Saweni.

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