Dengue campaign

A spraying campaign is scheduled to be carried out at 40 schools in Lautoka to kill dengue mosquitoes that may be carrying the dengue virus and possibly destroy their breeding places.

The Lautoka City Council confirmed that the spraying campaign would focus on schools.

When quizzed if residential areas are also included in the campaign, Lautoka City Council CEO Jone Nakauvadra said the council would concentrate on schools first.

On Monday, council workers carrying out spraying were called to a few businesses in Tavakubu.

Businesses in Lautoka confirmed to this newspaper they had paid for spraying to be conducted within their premises.

Questions sent to LCC on whether businesses and residents would have to pay for the service remained unanswered.

Meanwhile, other councils also conducted spraying campaigns in their municipalities last week.

“We just ended our spraying campaign and we will start with our rubbish collection campaign soon — where we give out notices to our ratepayers,” said Ba Town Council CEO Dip Narayan.

“They’ve been urged to clean up their yards and destroy any possible breeding places for mosquitoes.”

A dengue outbreak was also declared in Ba with a total of 51 dengue fever related admissions at the Ba Mission Hospital.

The mosquito spraying campaign is being conducted by the Health Ministry’s Environmental Health Unit.

“Spraying activities are conducted in all divisions with the assistance of respective municipal councils,” the ministry stated.

“According to the chemical applicator resistance study which was done 2014, our spraying activities are effective in terms of destroying the breeding grounds for the adult mosquitoes.

“The spraying and clean-up activities along with the house to house awareness programs are some of the strategies undertaken by the Ministry’s Environmental Health Unit to stop dengue.”

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