Demand in loan increases

MORE farmers are approaching the Sugar Cane Growers Fund to seek assistance to improve their sugarcane farms.

According to SCGF Ba branch loans officer Umesh Mani, canefarmers who needed assistance from the organisation should visit their district offices in the Western Division.

“At the end of the day, this money is for the farmers and this is how we survive as well,” Mr Mani said.

“For loans, we have paid the lease renewal fees for many farmers.

“During this dry season, the Sugar Cane Growers Fund is also helping to fund farmers build boreholes.

“Farmers find our low interest rates an advantage because there are no hidden charges.

“They only have to pay back the interest.”

At this stage, the organisation is giving priority to farmers who want to develop their farms, purchase equipment, work on drainage, marriage, education expenses, equipment repair, house repairs, weedicides, medical and funeral expenses plus purchase of animals and livestock farming.