Delivery of promises

A PROLIFIC writer to this column incessantly berates the Opposition for failing to deliver the promises made in their manifestos.

He seems to extrude a lot of pleasure in firing his cheap shots. Apparently either he is plainly ignorant of how the Government machinery functions or is just being mischievous.

I cannot believe that one can be so naïve as to not know that a party can only fulfil promises to the electorate when they are in power because then they can control the purse.

The Opposition does not have access to the funds. The most they can do apart from holding the Government accountable, which is their core role, is to raise the issues and plight of the people such as canefarmers and poor and underpaid workers of this country and the rising cost of living.

But if their motions and petitions are thrown out because they are outnumbered in Parliament then there is very little they can do.

It is worth noting though that the idea to reduce VAT was mooted by the Opposition.

Therefore, it is absolutely foolish to suggest that they have reneged on their promises.

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