Delicious juicy meat and more

THERE’S nothing quite like a delicious, juicy steak on the grill once the weather starts to warm up!

Luckily, MaxVal-u Supermart has an easy solution for all of the home cooks out there with a budget and love of red meat!

If you’re looking for tender and juicy meat, MaxVal-u Supermart has a wide range of competitive prices available at any stores Fiji wide.

MaxVal-u Supermart meat and frozen section has the following ranges of products available in store:

nAssorted lamb cuts (lamb chops, barbecue chops, lamb shank, lamb pieces and lamb neck);

nFrozen whole birds;

nVariety of chicken cuts such as chicken wings, chicken drumstick, chicken thighs, boneless chicken and chicken drumstick & thighs;

nImported chicken cuts;

nImported turkey drumstick;

nFrozen prawns;

nAssorted lamb sausages;

nAssorted chicken sausages.

For more information, call on telephone 3315299, mobile 9992926 or email

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