Delicious fruit drinks

FRUIT juices and drinks are renowned worldwide for its health benefits.

With the introduction of the Marigold brand, consumers now have a better choice when it comes to healthy living together with added value for money.

Marigold is available in both 100 per cent juice with no sugar, artificial colouring or preservatives and also fruit drinks which is very popular in the local market.

The fruit drinks are light, refreshing and enriched with the goodness of vitamin C with no preservatives. It comes in delectable fruity flavours such as apple, orange, mango, kiwi-apple and lychee.

Igniting fun and liveliness, these refreshing fruit drinks are ideal for Fijians who are constantly looking for simple and refreshing beverages to supplement their busy lifestyle.

The fruit drinks have become very popular in the local market because of its refreshing taste and affordable price and comes in 250ml and one litre Ultra Heat Temperature (UHT) Tetra packs.

“Healthy fruit drinks packed with vitamins do not have to cost you a fortune — thanks to Marigold, we are now able to deliver quality beverages to Fijians at affordable prices,” said Motibhai Group marketing manager Abraham Gomes.

“As for the 100 per cent juice with no added sugar, preservatives or artificial colouring, Fijians can enjoy the delicious goodness of real fruits as mother nature intended. Available in apple, apple-cranberry, orange and tropical flavours, Marigold 100 per cent juice uses the freshest sun ripened fruits. With Marigold, anywhere fun goes, it follows.”

Marigold fruit drinks and 100 per cent pure juice is produced in Malaysia with halal certification and available at all leading supermarkets Fiji-wide. Marigold is distributed in Fiji by Motibhai Group — touching your lives with quality products.

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