Delegates confirm attendance for world’s largest CSO meeting

Update: 3:41PM SIX hundred delegates have confirmed their attendance to the International Civil Society Week (ICSW), which is the largest meeting of the world’s civil society organisations that is to take place in Suva early next month.

But a statement issued by the Pacific Islands of Non-Government Organisation (PIANGO) online registration remained open for Fiji-based delegates, who were liaising with the local host, PIANGO.

PIANGO executive director Emele Duituturaga said this meeting was very significant because of the many international leaders who would be addressing the CSO and youth delegates on many key issues in the fields of human rights, democracy and international development.

“The present rush to register comes as no surprise, especially as a good number of our civil society actors and stakeholders were involved with COP23,” she said in a statement by PIANGO.

“More importantly, the Pacific community recognises the wonderful opportunity before us to be able to engage with our peers from all over the world; to share experiences, to learn from each other and to broaden and foster relations.”

The event is held every 18 months, and it will be the first time in its 25-year history to be held in the Pacific region.

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