Delayed reports worry officials

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DELAYED reports received from village nurses in the district of Kubulau have worried health officials in Bua.

At the Kubulau district meeting held in Namalata Village this week, health officials told village representatives that medical reports from village nurses had not been received on time.

Health officials revealed that village nurses had blamed the delayed village meetings which had affected the preparation of timely reports.

Meeting chairman Ravulolo Vasukibau reminded village headmen about the importance of organising the monthly village meetings.

He said the village nurses would prepare their reports after the village meetings as they needed updated reports about the village, which the headmen had.

Other concerns were raised about the role of village headmen in various villages of Kubulau.

Mr Vasukibau said village headmen needed to perform their duties because they were also paid by the Government in the form of allowances.

However, assistant Roko Tui Bua Vinaya Koroitavalena said at the meeting that village meetings could only happen when traditional leaders called for it.

“The village headmen organises the village meetings but it will be done based on the request from the leader of the yavusa (traditional clan),” he said.

“The village headmen will consult the traditional leader and they will discuss this issue about the village meetings, when to hold it and where.

‚ÄúThat’s how it works, so I hope you will all understand these necessary channels.”

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