Degree and ability

Rajend Naidu, don’t be surprised it’s coming from me, but I absolutely agree with your comment (FT 29/3) on Amenatave Yaconisau’s view that “we can easily tell those who have a degree”. I had agreed with Amena’s view as well, knowing the sense he constantly makes during personal conversation and in writing. However, in his remark, Amena probably had a different perspective.

Mr Naidu, your last sentence was a thriller. I know of many degree holders who can write a page with dozens of grammatical errors, bad sentences and garbage spelling.

Then there are others who you would stare at and wonder how they got that ‘cardboard’ in the first place!

Of course, Amena refers to the smart bunch he mingles with, those with degrees, probably, and he can tell the difference between them and the have-nots.

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