Defile claim sparks inquiry

A NUMBER of students have been found loitering in amusement centres during school hours.

Police spokesman Inspector Josaia Weicavu said the most recent case involved two 16-year-old students who were found in an apartment in Suva.

“It is alleged the two students were supposed to meet a friend at the location after constant contact through social network,” Insp Weicavu said.

He said this led to one of the victims allegedly being defiled with the perpetrator now at large and investigations continued into the matter.

Parents and guardians were reminded to be vigilant of their children’s whereabouts at all times.

Mr Weicavu said it was paramount that parents and guardians knew of their children’s whereabouts and company of friends for the safety of their children.

“Some of these students communicate with each other through social networking and meet up at such venues during school hours without the knowledge of their parents or guardians.”

Insp Weicavu said police continued to check such venues for students and those found in such places during school hours would be taken into police custody with parents and guardians contacted accordingly.

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