Defective lights pose risks

LAST month on a Saturday I was at Nausori Town and the place was full of people and it was quite a task to manoeuvre about.

Most of the people were centred around the bus stand, and the shops that were across the road.

The bus station was a very active centre as the shoppers were seen trying to board the bus and others were disembarking.

The most noticeable hazard there was the pedestrian crossing lights on the main road was out of action.

The shoppers were seen assessing the situation and on their own risk quickly tried to get across.

This was supposed to be the safest crossing. Some had their hands full of the shopping bags and others who had problems with their mobility remained stuck on the sides.

Few courteous drivers stopped their vehicle to allow the people to cross but this itself created another hazardous situation because the drivers from the opposite side did not know what was happening and continued to drive on.

That morning there were no police officers or the LTA marshals controlling this dangerous situation.

Apart from the defective crossing lights the marking on the pedestrian foot crossing had faded too.

Last Saturday as I drove through the town there was no improvement to the risk and the chances is that an accident will result in severe injuries.

An immediate proactive action is required to eliminate any possible mishaps.

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