Decorating your wedding car

DECORATING the wedding car might be your responsibility if you’re the groomsman.

As we all know wedding car decorations can be fun and edgy, traditional or just plain lewd, depending on the couple you’re decorating it for.

Here are some tips on how you can make their wedding getaways as much fun as possible by website

Have fun with it — this is going to be one of the best and easiest parts of your job as a groomsman, so doing it up right is a must. Whether you’re going for tin cans and old shoes tied to the bumper or huge, “Just Married” signs attached to the trunk, or the always-popular “She got hers, now he’ll get his,” it’s time to get your imagination out and make this something fun for the happy couple. If you run out of ideas, you can ask a bridesmaid or two to help you out.

Planning and execution — for the actual act of decorating the wedding car, you’re going to have to find out when the couple is planning to leave the reception. This might be best accomplished by talking to the mother or either the bride or groom, as they will likely know. If they don’t, you may have to casually suss it out by talking to the groom. You want to make sure you’re going to have plenty of time for decorating before they’re ready to go.

Make sure you know which car you’re going after. If the couple has rented a limo, talk to the driver before you start decorating. Wedding car rental companies sometimes have strict rules and fees for excessive decoration. If it’s the property of the couple or of the bride or groom singly, you can decorate it pretty much however you like. Keep in mind that some materials can damage paint, so make sure you’re cautious.

Decorating kit

There are some things that should never be part of your decorating wedding car kit. These items include, but are not limited to:

* Spray paint

* Sugar substances such as whipped cream and other products that contain sugar should never be used because sugar is extremely bad for the car’s paint job.

* Electrical tape and masking tape can leave marks and pull the clean coat off the paint job.

* Cans, tin or otherwise — while actual tin cans for years has been a addition to the wedding car, they can actually cause sparks.

Some safe bets for decorating without damage include:

* Soap — use soap to write names, slogans and “Just Married” on the windows.

* Shoe polish — can also be used to write on windows.

* Scotch tape — use to attach streamers to the bumper or antenna. Ensure you use biodegradable decorations; some of them may fly off in transit. If you tape a “Just Married” sign to the back, make sure you cover the license plate.

If you are planning to decorate the car with ribbon here are some tips by website

Items you will need

* Two-inch wide water-resistant floral ribbon or wedding ribbon kit

* Scissors

* Removable adhesive pads


Unravel the ribbon if it is spun on a spool. Straighten the ribbon so it lays flat. You may need to set books on the ribbon overnight to flatten it.

Open the driver and passenger side doors. Pass the ribbon through either side and out toward the front of the car. Close both doors.

Pull the ribbon across the front hood. Thread both ends of the ribbon through the front hood ornament, if applicable. If your car does not have a hood ornament, just pull the ribbon across the front hood to the front bumper.

Tie a bow in the same way that you would tie a pair of shoe laces. Keep the ribbon snug as you pull both sides into a bow. Make sure the ribbon does not cover the front license plate. It will rest on the front bumper.

Secure the ribbon running across the hood of the car and the bow resting on the bumper using adhesive pads from a car wedding ribbon kit.

These adhesive pads are specially designed to temporarily bond to the hood of your car without causing damage; other removable adhesive pads can be used if you do not have a car wedding ribbon kit.

Reach under the ribbon and set each pad in place. Sweep your hand over the ribbon and gently press down to fasten the ribbon to the pad. Continue along the hood and down the front bumper; add enough pads to secure the bow.


Choose a ribbon colour from the wedding ceremony or reception. Opt for a ribbon that seems durable and can withstand use on the outside of a car.

Car wedding ribbon kits are available online, at large retailers such as Target, Kmart and Wal-Mart, party planning stores and wedding stores, which offer a range of wedding party favours.

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