Declaration of common values signed in New Caledonia

Kanak and French flags on Ouvea island. Photo: AFP

NOUMEA, 30 JULY 2018 (RNZ PACIFIC) – A declaration of common values has been signed in New Caledonia just months before a vote on independence from France.

The document was signed by pro and anti-independence politicians representing a large majority of the parties represented in Congress as well as the French High Commissioner.

It states that it recognises the right to self-determination although views on the institutional future diverge.

The document says Caledonians share a basic set of values emanating from their common history, which forges their will to live together in peace.

The document commits to universal republican values and to Christian values with secular principles.

A draft had been prepared in May and public submissions were then sought.

Two main parties had earlier walked away from the group which signed the declaration.

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