Decent wages for all, says Pickering

ORDINARY Fijians need to earn and take home a decent pay to enable them to provide for their families, says National Federation Party provisional candidate Herbert Pickering.

The plight of ordinary workers in the country is what inspired him to consider vying for the 2018 General Election.

“A lot of ordinary workers in the country are struggling to make ends meet,” he claimed.

“For the majority, the reality is a life of struggles because the cost of basic food items is so high.

“If you are earning $100 a week, your choices are very limited. If your child is sick, the options available to him or her is also very limited.

“And it all boils down to earning a decent wage.

“I believe a good weekly take-home pay for workers and a tax regime that enables small and medium enterprises to pay a decent wage is the answer for Fiji.”

Mr Pickering said another reason he decided to run for public office was to raise the flag for freedom of expression.

“I also believe that anyone who holds public office must be accountable to the people and must be open to scrutiny and criticism.

“Criticism enables us to re-look and re-think policies and makes us better.”

Mr Pickering has a mechanical engineering background and has worked for the Public Works Department.

He has extensive experience in the Australian labour market having worked for Coca-Cola Amatil for 18 years at their Northmead plant in New South Wales.

“I decided to stand in the 2018 elections under the NFP banner because I believe in the party’s principles, values and leadership,” he said.

“I believe it is a party that can bring about the change that Fiji so desperately needs and change is coming.”

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