Deadline nears for VKB computerisation

THE Native Land Commission is expected to complete its Vola ni Kawa Bula computerisation project by June this year, says Commission chairman Ratu Vananalagi Vesikula.

Speaking at the opening of the Bua Provincial Council meeting in Nabouwalu, Ratu Vananalagi said the project was expected to end in December last year.

But since it was the first time for such a project to happen, Ratu Vananalagi said it would take a lot of time to gather and establish accurate data before their work was completed. He told members of the council that when the project was completed it would be hard for an individual or any group of people to change the Vola ni Kawa Bula and its content.

He said once completed, the VKB would be readily available for iTaukei people living in different parts of the world to view.

Ratu Vananalagi said they would strictly monitor the information in their database to ensure nothing was altered or removed illegally without their knowledge.

He added the commission was also working towards legalising the processes concerning the registration of iTaukei in the VKB.

This included the concerns of resource owners regarding the registration of children who have maternal ties to their mother’s village (koro ni vasu).

He said there have been concerns about how single mothers chose to register their children under their own names in the VKB.

The new law, he said, required members of a clan and its heads to agree whether a child of maternal ties should be registered under that respective clan.

He said the results of the clans meeting concerning the child would then be formally entered into the commission’s database.

Ratu Vananalagi said the strict procedure came about after children with maternal ties were now claiming chiefly titles and entitlements.

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