Daylight saving

THERE are many things that Fijians like and one of them is having daylight saving.

The latest Tebbutt-Times Poll has revealed that 59 per cent of Fijians agree with the idea to have our clocks turned one hour ahead from November to January while 34 per cent oppose the idea.

And it is not surprising that it’s the younger generation who like daylight saving.

The poll revealed that those between the ages of 18 and 29 years agreed with the idea of daylight saving.

But as people got older, they were less likely to agree with daylight saving.

Those in the Western Division agree more – 63 per cent – as opposed to the rest of the country.

Regardless of whether people agree or disagree with daylight saving, if it is kept, the majority would like the period to remain the same (that is, just over the Christmas holidays).

Among those who disagree with daylight saving, half would not want the length to change (49 per cent), while 32 per cent would like it to be shorter.

The poll, which was conducted in February, asked 1046 adults around the country the questions:

 Do you agree or disagree with having daylight saving in Fiji, or do you not care either way?

 Regardless of whether you agree with daylight saving or not, if Fiji continues to have daylight saving would you like it to be for longer, shorter, or the same as now?

The poll was conducted through computer assisted telephone interviewing.

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