Dawn of a new day

As the International Day of Peace is observed around the world today, September 21, 2014, a new horizon emerges for the people of Fiji with the results of the 2014 General Elections.

International Day of Peace is a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.

The leading FijiFirst party is expected to host an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service today at the ANZ Stadium and invite all its supporters to join them in publicly thanking God and to seek His blessings.

The people have spoken. A new day dawns for the nation of Fiji as we move towards a future of change, progress and development.

It is now time to let the people prove that their voices are worth hearing — not just from politicians or policy makers.

Let the people speak, and they have indeed spoken through the 2014 election.

And what they want is simple and basic really — solutions to the bread and butter issues of everyday life.

Matters of the home and heart that reflect the realities of life, struggles and hardships, and what the government of the day can do, and will do, to meet those needs and wants.

The voting trend shows the Bainimarama government amassed vast support.

The people want action, not just talk.

Not just promises, but concrete evidence of progress and development in their lives, within communities and across the nation.

The government of the day must meet their needs and offer solutions that will benefit the everyday man, woman and child, and the people’s confidence in making their voting choices is a revealing factor in whom they have placed their hopes.

No more delays, no more fancy talk and explanations, no more excuses — just straight on measures put in place by a government which are effective and beneficial to livelihoods.

The emerging results of the 2014 General Elections is a clear indicator that people want to move forward, in unity, regardless of racial divisions, which they see as obstacles to progress and development towards the future.

With all the developments that have taken place in the country, easing of financial burdens on families, and strategies put in place, the voting trend reveals people’s priorities. People want their basic needs met.

There is just no going back, no looking back, no time to live in the past.

The very important event that has just taken place is life-changing and nation-changing.

And the people have spoken.

And to those who may feel otherwise, there is always the next general election in four years time.

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