Dausabea wants Solomon Islands parliament dissolved

Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) president Charles Dausabea. Picture: RNZ

HONIARA, 17 OCTOBER 2018 (SOLOMON STAR) – The president of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) Charles Dausabea is calling on the Solomon Islands Governor General Sir Frank Kabui to exercise his emergency powers to dissolve the parliament.

Dausabea made the call after Member of Parliament (MP) for Temotu VATUD constituency Freda Tuki lost her seat lately following a successful petition case by former MP Clay Forau.

“Now the parliament has only left with 49 MPs and the fact that the national general election is just around the corner, it is proper for the Governor General to step in and use his emergency power to dissolve the parliament,” he said.

Dausabea said dissolving the parliament now will avoid further parliament meetings which he claimed is a correct move to avoid challenges in the future should the parliament meet and pass any laws with only 49 MPs.

“The Governor General should use his emergency power at this stage to dissolve the government to avoid further parliament sitting because the parliament sitting should have 50 MPs and not 49.

“The constitution requires 50 MPs at all time, 49 MPs is not a parliament according to the constitution,” he said.

He recalled in 1997 they face the same situation where they have only 49 MPs which is not according to the law.

“Any law that is passed by less than 50 MPs, when challenged, it will be null and void.

“Therefore it is proper at this stage to appoint a Cabinet to look after us through to the next national general election which will take place early next year,” he suggested.

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