Datt declares NFP support

FORMER Fiji Labour Party (FLP) stalwart, Krishna Datt has declared his support for the National Federation Party (NFP) ahead of the 2018 poll.

Mr Datt said while he had declared his interest to support the NFP, he was not standing for the elections under the party’s banner.

“My support does not mean that I am personally standing for election. I am not. I am also not a member of the NFP and do not intend to be a member of any political party,” he said.

Mr Datt said his support for NFP was based on some reasoned conclusions based on Fiji’s current political situation.

“I see the development of extremist views emerging from all fronts. Views that are likely to override the sensitivities of the various communities that make up Fiji.

“This can cause sharp political divisions likely to overflow in the day-to-day social interaction of the Fijian people.”

He claimed NFP, of all other political party aspirants, provided the best mediating platform.

“A party that can focus on economic development and social cohesion and a party that is welfare-oriented with a clear focus on providing welfare facilities and systems.”

He said there was considerable work to be done in building genuine democracy, creating an enabling environment conducive to the growth of a culture of democracy in all facets of life and living.

“With each coup in the past, we have kept sliding back. A complete reform is needed.

“We have spent near enough time and resources in building infrastructure of roads, water, and electricity.

“There has to be parallel developments in creating the infrastructure of democracy — in building democratic ethos in schools, decision making bodies in government and in socio-political institutions.”

He also said the NFP should stay clear from forming any coalition and should campaign on its own.

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