Dates for games ‘most convenient’

Serenia Ragatu of ACS wins the senior girls blue ribbon event of the 2019 Coca-Cola Games competition. Picture: TALEBULA KATE/FILE

Education Minister Premila Kumar said August 18 to August 20 was set aside for the Coca-Cola Games because it was the “most convenient” time to hold the athletics meet.

Responding to queries from this newspaper, Mrs Kumar said the games were not organised by the ministry.

However, they have allowed students to participate.

“Considering 2022 was a disrupted year, that’s the best we could do,” she said.

“Do remember the 2022 academic year started in April. We still have to complete the curriculum. “We still need to revise and catch up with the learning losses that occurred in the last two years.”

Mrs Kumar said teachers were working with students regarding sporting events.

“We believe sports is important, as that will help in their mental development.

“It will help the students to learn better.”

The Coca-Cola Games is scheduled for August 18-20.

There were some concerns raised about the timing and its proximity to exams.

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