Dash 8 will begin its new flight schedule to Majuro before end of this year

TARAWA, 24 AUGUST 2018 (KIRIBATI GOVT) – Kiribati Transports Minister says the national flag carrier, Dash 8 is expected to begin its new flight to neighbouring Majuro in the Marshal Islands before end of this year.

Willie Tokataake says Air Kiribati is now working on all the necessary documentations as required by the Marshal Island’s Aviation Authority before commencing its flight services to Majuro.

Minister Tokataake reiterated unlike Tuvalu and Kiribati Aviation Authorities that are using the New Zealand Aviation Rules, the Marshal Islands Aviation Authority is using the US Federal Air Operators Certificate which is making it more complicated and need more requirements to comply with by the Kiribati Aviation Authority.

Minister Tokataake reveals the new flight schedules to Majuro will also see the Butaritari runway as the linkage destination between Tarawa and Majuro and new arrangements for the posting of officers from the Immigration department, Quarantine and Customs will be made prior to the commencement of the flight schedule.

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