Dark street

I WRITE to express my concern on the length of time taken to fix streetlights in Bryce St, Raiwaqa.

I lodged my first complaint with Fiji Roads Authority more than four weeks ago and it was not registered.

When I called again to inquire, I was advised that my complaint was not registered. I was then issued a reference number and advised that someone would look into the issue within 10 days.

I called back again a few times after this to inquire and was advised that their office would call me back to provide an update.

When that did not happen, I called again and was advised that Fiji Roads Authority does not have a contractor and thus could not advise when the lights would be fixed.

This is causing inconvenience to the road users and I have had to switch on my outside lights for our protection and others using the road at night. Two weeks ago, someone switched off our power main in the FEA meter box under the cover of darkness as there was no streetlight.

I believe it is Fiji Roads Authority’s responsibility to ensure that streetlights are well maintained for the safety of people using the roads at night, as this is what the streetlights are there for. I cannot understand how some lights in the same street are fixed and for others they are saying they cannot provide a fix.

Not having a contractor is not our problem as the authority should manage its duties well and be more efficient. If they had to let go of the former contractor, why have they not yet engaged another.

This is not acceptable and irresponsible of the authority.

Meanwhile, I need a response to my question as to whether the authority intends to fix the streetlights and by when.

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