Dare to dream and do

Ravi Sushil, right, with Vinal Vineet Deo in Navua. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

Ravi Sushil, right, with Vinal Vineet Deo in Navua. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

FROM a family that has toiled the land through cane farming in Bulabula, Ba, Ravi Sushil knew he had a bright future ahead of him through something completely different.

After completing his studies with the Fiji National University, Ravi made it his goal to open an electrical retail shop in Navua where he could provide services to the people of Navua every day.

After he obtained his Diploma in Electrical Engineering, he made a move to the Central Division with a dream of becoming someone successful in life.

At the age of 22, Ravi has managed to supply electrical materials to people in Navua, nearby resorts, organisations and schools for the past two years.

“When I opened my shop, there weren’t any electrical shops in Navua and I thought I would meet everyone’s needs by opening the first ever retail shop that would supply quality electrical materials to customers,” he said.

“In Ba, we were into cane farming and I wanted to do something different, mainly focusing on electrical work, so I thought to start my own business here.

“I had worked for Global Electrical in Ba for five years and later went to West Sacramento in America.

Before returning to Fiji I made sure to save enough money to start my business and I managed to open it after I returned.

“I dealt with a lot of customers when I was with Global Electrical in Ba and I started to build strong relationship during that time.

“From there I realised the need for quality electrical materials to be supplied to people of Navua and that’s why I moved here.”

Ravi said he also operated a car-wash business.

“Most of the materials we sell here are pre-ordered from America since both my parents are there and they assist me with getting my materials to Fiji and we also buy other products locally too,” he said.

“I still have more to achieve and I always wanted to be a business owner while growing up and I made sure to achieve it at a young age.”

While Ravi hopes to develop his business further, he is very realistic about it knowing it can only be achieved through a lot of hard work.

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