Dance with fame

What a beauty! Four years in a row! Who would have ever thought that was even possible? But when you factor in Fiji into the Hong Kong 7s equation, surely you’ve got to include that little bit of allowance that suggests anything can happen when we are involved.

The Happy Valley is where it all started. This is where Fijians began a passionate love affair with the abbreviated version of rugby union.

From the highest mountains around the country to the lowest parts of the nation, Fijians would drop everything to be part of this amazing sevens journey.

It is an annual event that is etched deep in our sporting history.

Over the years we have unleashed many sevens heroes who have gone on to become household names.

Some have died. Some have aged gracefully and many have moved on to carve careers in the full version of the sport abroad.

They all had one common factor. They were part of what is arguably the greatest sevens show on the planet.

This is where we created history by winning our first three-years-in-a-row victories at So Kon Po.

On Sunday evening, we anchored a great comeback with a mesmerising display of quality sevens rugby in the semi-finals.

Our men rocked the park with a display of sevens rugby that was the stuff of dreams.

New Zealand rocked up to the party with a second string team. So did the South Africans and England.

They opted to have their best squads assembled for the Commonwealth Games this weekend in Australia.

History will remember Fiji though for the victory in Hong Kong against national sides.

As we gear up for the Gold Coast this weekend, there will undoubtedly be interest over the second string teams that played in Hong Kong.

South Africa in particular were strong enough to reach the semi-finals and rocked Fiji in the first spell.

It actually augurs well for the Blitzbokkes looking to the future.

New Zealand were the same even though they were thumped 50-7 by a Fijian side that was on fire in the pool rounds.

The future of sevens rugby does look great with the young players coming through the ranks.

Our challenge though is consistency and how well we can recover and focus on moving mountains once again in Australia this weekend.

It isn’t going to be easy. No one said it was anyway. The turnaround time is less than five days.

Victory and a place in history beckon, and national coach Gareth Baber and the team know that.

The question is whether we want to grab hold of them?

Hong Kong at the weekend was a great moment in our list of achievements on the sports field.

It was a moment that will be lapped up by fans well into the future every time records are raised.

We also have a chance to continue our dance with fame this weekend. The team needs our support.

Go Fiji, go.

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