Damodar advocates youth issues

ISSUES faced by youths in the country top the agenda for Riddhi Damodar in this year’s general election.

The businesswoman will be contesting this year’s polls under a National Federation Party ticket.

Her name was announced in the second batch of provisional candidates released by the party early last month.

Ms Damodar, who is a former journalist with Zee Network in India, said she was inspired to take up politics from a young age.

“Since my school days, I used to participate in elections, we had elections for school monitor at that time and I used to stand for that election every year,” she said.

“That grew into standing for leader representative in university, which I did as well.”

She said she was usually engaged either directly or indirectly with politics which was where her love for politics also grew.

The single mother claimed not much had been done towards youth development in the country.

“I am a youth myself, I am a mother and a businesswoman and I feel what’s being done is only focused on a certain part of the youth population and I feel we should not only focus on certain parts of youth development.

“What I want to do is empower youths to first become job creators; I think they should not only be job seekers.”

Ms Damodar added she was confident she would attract enough support to get her into Parliament.

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