Daku Road upgrades improve access

THE Fiji Roads Authority is conducting backfilling and stabilizing work on Daku Rd, forty kilometres outside Labasa Town off the main Labasa-Wainikoro Highway.

A Fulton Hogan Hiways crew have been working to remove high shoulders, as well as improve existing drainage, backfill the inclined hill with aggregates, grade and compact the road with a roller and cement and, finally, stabilise it with a final coat seal.

Daku Road has been used for many years by Labasa residents that frequent the unsealed loop road that connects the Wainikoro Road to Natewa Bay West Coast Road.

Due to the heavy rainy season, the Daku section had been washed out, creating an inclined hill on the road surface that posed a risk to sugarcane trucks, buses and other vehicles.

The road is used by over 200 cane and vegetable farming residents, three schools, Wainiqanu village, Korotasere, Lagalaga, Wainikoro and Daku.

Resident and sugarcane farmer, Mukesh Ghana, said it has been a welcome relief to farmers because it is cane cutting season and this upgrade, although not completed yet, has already made it easier for farmers to transport cane.

“During rainy days, the road is inaccessible as the incline hill is on a corner and the surface is uneven. We have been fortunate that, through the years, no trucks or buses have tumbled from this hill,” said Mr Ghana.

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