Dairy attacks

An Auckland dairy owner who was held up with a knife and bashed by two men says he wants them held accountable.

Salim Mulla who runs the Garnet Rd Dairy in the Auckland suburb of Westmere has released the store’s security camera footage of the robbery yesterday morning, hoping to identify the attackers.

Earlier this week a Hamilton dairy owner was attacked with a machete and yesterday another dairy owner was hit with a hammer in a robbery.

Mr Mulla and his wife Azeeza have owned the Garnet Rd Dairy for more than 20 years but he said yesterday’s robbery was the worst they had seen.

A video the couple posted to their Facebook shows Mr Mulla serving a customer shortly before 11am when two men walked behind his counter and demanded he hand over the cash.

“For some reason I couldn’t open the till, it just wouldn’t open so he started punching me.

“I called for my wife so she came out to help me, if she wasn’t there to defend me then who knows what could have happened,” Mr Mulla said.

He said his wife was also attacked by the men.

“She is badly bruised and battered, we are going to the doctors today to make sure everything is OK.”

Mr Mulla said the men were thugs and deserved to be punished so they didn’t harm innocent people again.

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