Dad was against decision

HE did not want his daughter to be a pilot because of the possibility that one day, her job might take her away.

But Emosi Lutu said there was no changing the mind of his youngest child, Merelesita.

Ms Lutu, was to have turned 21 in June, a few short months after she was due to obtain the Commercial Pilots License she was working towards on the ill-fated Pacific Flying School Cessna 172 flight on Monday.

“I had discouraged her from being a pilot because of the risks involved. We did not want to discourage her because that was her passion. So we let her fly,” Mr Lutu said.

“We have accepted the fact she is gone and it is hard as a family to think about other things. I guess we are happy that all this waiting has come to an end.”

Elder sister, Ulamila Lutu said the family last saw Merelesita last Friday when she stopped over in Nausori on a classmate’s flight.

“She’s the youngest, but she was the jewel of the family.

“She’s always the elder sister, she was always trying to be the boss, but we understand that. She was a lovely kid,” Ms Lutu said. Mother, Adi Moala Lutu said she was not surprised to hear her daughter had dropped her friend in Labasa because she was a loving person, always eager to help.

“She’s cuddly, she was always there with me. She was my baby. I will always cherish the last kiss she gave me at the airport last Friday.”

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