Dad out on $200 bail

A Taveuni father who allegedly injured his eight-year-old son has been granted bail for $200.

Appearing before Magistrate Jeremaia Savou at the Labasa Magistrates Court, Mosese Monesigatabu chose to represent himself in court.

The court heard that on December 19, last year, Mr Monesigatabu had allegedly assaulted his son Viliame Matai after disciplining him at Waitavala in Taveuni.

It is alleged the eight-year-old student suffered serious injuries in the process.

The accused had begged for the court to allow him bail, adding his son, since the incident, had lived with his father-in-law at Nalele.

Mr Monesigatabu promised not to interfere with the victim.

Mr Savou granted the accused bail of $200 with a restraining order not to go near the victim.

He also ordered Mr Monesigatabu to reappear at the Taveuni Magistrates Court on January 15.

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