CWM outpatients department temporarily closed; converted to admission ward

Update: 7:19PM THE Children’s General Outpatients Department at the CWM hospital in Suva is closed to be temporarily used as an admission ward to accommodate for the recent increase in the admission of urgent cases of dengue, viral illness, and acute febrile illness cases.

A Government statement issued this evening said the GOPD had been closed as of March 28.

The statement said that existing patients who were recovering in the department had been moved to the temporary ward for observation, opening the other three children’s wards for increased admissions of more immediately serious cases.  

“This reallocation of space is part of the hospital’s surge capacity planning strategy, which is instituted when necessary to ensure minimum disruption in services. Those who are in need of paediatric services are encouraged to visit their nearest health centres, and emergency cases will be referred to the CWM’s emergency department,” the statement said.

The paediatric special outpatients department clinics at CWM will now be accommodated at the paediatric seminar room on the second floor as a temporary measure.

All operations will return to normal at a time deemed appropriate by the hospital.

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