CVC champion

I want to congratulate our Nadi team for winning the CVC at last.

This year’s series was played between Capital City Suva and Nadi. I think both the teams met for the first time in any CVC.

Nadi gained its valuable winning points in the first leg in Suva.

To win the title, Nadi needed a draw at home. Eventually the second encounter did end in a draw and Nadi claimed the first CVC title at Prince Charles Park.

The win means Nadi is in serious business this season. Next month the side travels to NZ to take part in 2016 O League.

This time, Fiji is represented in the O League by Suva and Nadi.

I am positive our representatives will do their very best to bring home the glory.

Well again my hearty congrats to the Nadi president, his management and the entire team for winning the prestigious CVC title this year.

I wish them all the best in their future games.

Suresh Chand


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