Culture and tradition concerns

Samisoni Nakulaiwai of Nalauwaki village on Waya Levu, Yasawa. Picture: Margaret Wise

VILLAGERS of Nalauwaki and Wayalevu in the Yasawa Group say they want a government that will protect the rights of the iTaukei and safeguard resources for the benefit of future generations.

Nalauwaki villager Samisoni Nakulaiwai said this did not mean they did not care about the welfare of other communities.

He said they wanted a system of governance that will protect their culture and traditions. Mr Nakulaiwai said there had been cases in Fiji where landowners were not consulted on the leasing of their lands.

He claimed the iTaukei also had no control in the use of their fishing grounds. Nalauwaki headman Ame Naulutegu echoed similar sentiments.

He said all the issues had been raised during the district and provincial meetings, but were ignored.

“The villagers believe they are not represented in Parliament because most of the issues raised in district and provincial meetings are not heard,” he added.