Cry for help haunts dad-in-law

Sheenal Mudliar (deceased) and her husband Sandeep Mudliar. Picture: SUPPLIED

Sheenal Mudliar (deceased) and her husband Sandeep Mudliar. Picture: SUPPLIED

“WE are stuck in the river, please come quickly.”

These were the last words spoken by a distraught daughter to her father-in-law as floods engulfed the vehicle she was travelling in.

Sheenal Mudliar, 25, and her father, Veer Goundar, had left Damodran Mudliar’s Uciwai home in Nadi about 4.30am on Sunday for Nadi International Airport to pick her younger brother who was arriving from New Zealand.

About 15 minutes later she was calling for help.

“The rain was pouring and the wind was also quite strong, and when I got to the Uciwai bridge at about 5.10am, I couldn’t see anything,” the distraught canegrower said.

“My daughter-in-law’s voice kept going round and round in my head and I got out of my car with a friend and we crossed to the bridge to try and look for them.”

Mr Mudliar said the current was strong which made the search difficult.

“We kept looking for about half-an-hour and when the water level went down a little bit, I drove to Nawai Police Post and reported the matter.”

Sheenal’s husband, Sandeep, was too grief-stricken to speak about the tragedy.

A search party organised by the family with the assistance of nearby villagers recovered Mrs Mudliar’s body at 9.30am on Sunday and Mr Goundar was found about 4.30pm the same day.

Mr Mudliar said the family was awaiting police to complete post-mortem examinations before making funeral arrangements.

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