Crowd response

The statement by the Fiji FA that they were not impressed by the crowd turnout in Labasa is baffling. In fact there was barely any free space available at the ground. The stadium was fully occupied including the embankment on Saturday and Sunday.

Obviously Friday was an exception because it was a working day. What more do they want?

Can they reveal the total capacity of the pavilions and the number of spectators at the ground through ticket sales? If they want more than 10,000 people to enter the gates then it’s not possible since the ground can only accommodate about 7000 to 8000 spectators.

Fiji FA is well aware of this fact. Ostensibly, I believe they are just concerned about financial gains and promotion of soccer in the North is nothing but façade.

The beguiling Labasa soccer team is a crowd favourite no matter where they play. Conspicuously, the Labasans are diehard supporters and to deprive them of witnessing their home team demolish its opponents because of some non-pragmatic and concocted logistical issues is perfidious. By the way, what’s the progress on their sports academy in Korowiri, Labasa that was earmarked a decade ago.

Meanwhile, all the best to the team next week.

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