Cricket milestone for Samoa

A SIX: Samoa (International ) Cricket has become a voting Associate Member of the International Cricket Council (I.C.C.).

APIA, 16 JULY 2108 (SAMOA OBSERVER) – This year is a year in history and a huge milestone for Samoa (International) Cricket Association (SICA).

It has finally become a voting Associate Member of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the global mother body of cricket after twenty years of being classified as and Affiliate Member and had no direct vote as a member country in ICC matters.

The new amendment to the ICC Constitution saw a new change in the structure of its members.

Apart from the twelve full members where countries like New Zealand, Australia, India, Africa and so forth are categorised; the ninety two Associates and Affiliates members are now classified as Associate Members and only the top forty Associate Members on the I.C.C. scorecard have the right to vote as independent members at the ICC Annual General Assembly.

Samoa International Cricket is currently ranked twenty one on the IC. scorecard.

Regional Development Manager – East Asia-Pacific, Jane Livesey, congratulated SICA.

“Having worked closely with Samoa Cricket for the last five and a half years, I am delighted to see their progress both on and off the field culminating in their continuous rise up the I.C.C. scorecard to now be one of the highest ranked members in the E.A.P. region,” she said.

“In particular, the time and effort the Staff and Board have put into establishing a clear strategic plan for the growth of cricket in Samoa and always working towards that should be highlighted. This has led to success including 400% growth in junior playing numbers over the last five years, a Pacific Games Gold Medal, and new partnerships across the corporate and government sectors.”

Samoa Cricket as one of the leading sports organisations in good governance in Samoa and the region, General Manager Salā Stella Vaea Tagitau was selected from the nine member countries of the ICC East Asia Pacific region to speak on the topic of ‘Best Practise’ at the ICC Annual Conference 28 July – 2nd July, 2018 Dublin Ireland.

“The ICC, through its member organisations in the EAP and across the world, is striving for new levels of participation growth to help cricket be the world’s fastest growing sport,” Jane Livesey said.

“To do that, we need our member organisations to have strong governance structures, highly capable people involved at all levels and growing resources to support our members to be self-sustainable.

“And our EAP. team is looking forward to working with all our members over the next five years on this so that they can achieve their potential.”

With Samoa Cricket currently sitting on number twenty one on the ICC scorecard, this also attracts Grade A players from New Zealand, Sean Mikaele Solia and Australia, Andrew Joseph Michael to play for Samoa in the upcoming ICC 2020 T20 World Cup Divison A, Pacific Qualifier 22-31 August 2018, in Suva Fiji.

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