Creating paper dreams

Miriama Ligairi Naqaravatu makes jewellery from paper which is helping to create an extra income stream for her family. Picture: SUPPLIED

COMBINING a love for research, fashion and working with her women’s group, Vuci based Miriama  Ligairi Naqaravatu is quickly making a name for herself as a jeweller. The modest Vuci based Cakaudrove native said her budding jewellery business was little bit more than a hobby which is now beginning to make her some money.

Made popular in the past five years with the rise in eco conscious fashion accessories, the jewellery that ‘Ama makes is made from paper.

To be exact, she uses paper beads to make necklaces and earrings and in the past few months, big festive events like this weekend’s Coca Cola Games has led to a surge in orders for her crafty jewellery.

As a young girl, Ama was good with her hands and was always creating things. Roll on the invention of Google and her research led to more creative jewellery ideas.

“I don’t have a shop, I just make the beads at home and on Wednesdays the women from our church come together and we all make our necklaces and earrings. We post up pictures on social media and that is how people send their orders,” she said.

“Everybody loves to dress up when they go out and i often admire jewellery which makes a statement when people wear them.”

She considers herself a housewife, but Ama is the first to admit that she has held a secret hope for something more which she turned into the subject of prayer.

“I would like to encourage women and stay at home mums to come out of their comfort zones and pursue dreams they are passionate about. If you have an interest pray about it because God will surely open doors,” she said.

“What started as leisure is bringing in money that is supporting not only our families but our church as well.”

She tells other women with an interest in art or craft not to give up on their dreams but to instead, “keep searching, keep knocking because God will surely make everything beautiful in His own time.”


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