Creating more jobs

UNITY Fiji Party leader Savenaca Narube believes the private sector, including small and micro businesses, hold the key to creating more jobs in the country.

Mr Narube said a growing number of unemployed youths had tertiary qualifications but were without employment and had returned to their villages.

“Education is a means to getting incomes,” said Mr Narube.

“We all know that the level of youth unemployment, especially in iTaukei villages, is multiple times the national unemployment average that this Government likes to highlight,” Mr Narube said.

“A growing number of these unemployed youths have tertiary qualifications, but without a job, they have gone back to the villages. Without any income, they continue to carry the burden of repaying their scholarship loans.”

He said small businesses were the largest employer in Fiji and therefore, any party that formed Government in the upcoming election should create an environment where the private sector could flourish.

“I strongly feel that allowing our youths to reach their maximum potential in education is their right, not a privilege.

“Our education system needs a complete revamp to closely match potential with opportunities,” Mr Narube said.

Mr Narube said in order to effectively address the needs of youths, the party required an integrated approach to address all components — the economy, investment, national debt, the role of Government and education.

“It calls for a government that values the views of all parties and have the long-term interest of our young people,” Mr Narube said.

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