COVID-19: “Severe outbreak” warning if Fijians are not “extremely careful”

Ministry of Health and Medical Services permanent secretary, Dr. James Fong speaking at the press conference at the Ministry of Health headquarters conference room at Dinem House in Toorak, Suva on Sunday, May 30, 2021. Picture: FIJIAN GOVERNMENT

The Central Division is seeing the biggest spikes in case numbers but if we are not extremely careful we could see severe outbreaks in many other parts of Fiji.

These were the remarks of Ministry of Health and Medical Services permanent secretary Dr James Fong last night as he announced the 35 new cases recorded yesterday.

He said they had previously employed mobile screening teams to great effect.

“But the scale of this outbreak now requires a different approach,” Dr Fong said.

“We are guided by two objectives – keep already infectious and potentially infectious people safely away from the public, and provide life-saving care to those who do develop a severe case of COVID-19.”

Dr Fong said they would now maintain their stationary screening clinics to save the mobile teams to do contact tracing, screen areas of concern, and deploy to homes that report individuals with COVID-like symptoms.

He said if individuals tested positive, they would be placed under home isolation – with groceries and essential household items provided.

And if an individual developed a severe illness, they will be transported to a hospital.

“So please, if you feel symptoms call us at number 158. Get tested. Get protected with the care you need now. Don’t muck around with your health or the health of your loved ones,” the PS said.

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