COVID-19: Power to stop virus is in person’s hands – Dr Sahukhan

Head of Health Protection at Ministry of Health and Medical Services,Dr Aalisha Sahu Khan and Minister for Health and Medical Services Ifereimi Waqainabete during the press conference update on COVID 19 in Suva on 21.03.2020. Picture: RAMA

The power to stop COVID-19 is in each individual’s hands, says Ministry of Health head of health protection Dr Aalisha Sahukhan.

She said Fiji’s 15th COVID-19 case highlighted the importance of our responsibility as individuals.

“What this shows us is that we’re not helpless,” she said.

“You as an individual, you as a member of the public are not helpless in this fight against the virus. What you do is so important.

“You can stop this virus, you can stop the chain of transmission by doing simple things.”

She said the simple things included washing of hands with soap and water and social distancing.

“These are simple measures but they have been scientifically proven to work.

“We’re seeing in Fiji that it’s working.”

She said the ministry noted an increase in the number of people with gloves after Fiji started recording COVID-19 cases.

“For the Ministry of Health, we advise people to wash their hands frequently because we know that one way in which the virus spreads is that someone may cough or sneeze on to their hands, they may touch a surface and someone else can touch the surface and touch their face or their mouth or their eyes and the virus transmits into their body.

“If you’re wearing gloves, it can actually prevent you from washing your hands and you think by wearing gloves you’re protecting yourself. What we’re trying to emphasise is wash your hands with soap and water as frequently as possible for 20 seconds.

“If you don’t have the facility to wash your hands, make sure you have alcohol hand sanitisers next to you.”

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