COVID-19: Passenger travel out of Nadi and Lautoka halted

Locked out. Police officers did not allow any civilian to cross Lautoka’s borders. Check points were set up in Tuvu, Natalau and Vakabuli to stop any person from entering or leaving the City last year. Picture: BALJEET SINGH/FILE

Passenger travel out of the greater Nadi and Lautoka area has been halted by road, air, and sea.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has defined the greater Nadi and Lautoka area as the area spanning from Momi Junction and the Mulomulo Post bearing towards Sigatoka, to Nacilau, Vakabuli, and the Waiwai crossing bearing towards Ba.

“Passenger travel into the area will be permitted over the next 24 hours for Fijians who reside within the greater Nadi and Lautoka area,” the Ministry stated.

“However, those allowed to enter the area must head straight home and will not be allowed to come out of the lockdown area.”

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