COVID-19: Minimise job losses, Minister urges employers

Minister for Employment, Productivity, and Industrial Relations and Youth and Sports Parveen Kumar. Picture: ATU RASEA/FILE

The Employment Ministry says it is working with stakeholders to ensure job losses are minimised during the COVID-19 crisis.

“The Ministry is ensuring that job losses are minimised and that all guarantees made to workers – including paid leave – are fulfilled,” Employment Minister Parveen Bala said in a statement.

Mr Bala said the Ministry was also encouraging measures such as revised working schedules, working-from-home where possible, and conditional reemployment guarantees for Fijian workers.

“From the outset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry for Employment, Productivity, and Industrial Relations has proactively sought to lessen the pain felt by both employers and their employees during a time of tremendous economic uncertainty.

“The labour officers within the Ministry are well positioned to assist employers and employees in navigating the complexities imposed by the COVID-19 crisis, and both parties are encouraged to contact the Ministry with concerns relating to employment.”

The Minister stressed the need for collaboration between employers, their employees, and the Ministry.

“COVID-19 presents the biggest economic challenge in living history for Fijians.

“We’ve consulted with business people and employees throughout Fiji, and we’re acutely aware that these are difficult times for all parties involved, particularly in travel-related industries.

“Meanwhile, we must work together to find solutions that are as fair as possible – while also positioning our economy to be able to rev back up as quickly as possible once the threat of coronavirus has subsided.”


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