COVID-19: Measures implemented for inter-island shipping movement

Inter-island vessels docked at Port Mua-i-Walu. Picture: FT FILE/ANA MADIGIBULI

Fiji’s Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport, Disaster Management and Meteorological Services in consultation with relevant maritime stakeholders have set out measures for inter-island shipping movement.

They recommend the following on all inter-island shipping movements:

Small crafts and yachts 

For small crafts that intend to travel carrying important provisions between Viti Levu and closer islands, operators are advised to contact the Maritime Surveillance Centre (MSC) on 3315380 and notify the centre on their travel intentions.

The following information must be conveyed:

  • Name of boat captain
  • Name and number of crew (max of 3)


  • Departure and destination point
  • MSAF-issued boat number
  • Phone contact

For further queries, contact Fiji Navy on 9904618 or 7356367.

All fishing-related activities

Fishing for subsistence and commercial purposes will be allowed during the curfew hours, as long as fishermen leave their home ports well-before curfew hours.

For any fishing-related activities and clarifications, contact Ministry of Fisheries on 9966745 or on email

Ro-Ro and conventional vessels

For queries about any services provided by Ro-Ro and conventional vessels servicing the economical and uneconomical routes, contact the Director of Transport Faranisese Kinivuwai on email  or call on 9983245/ 3389717.

The following steps must be taken by all shipping and truck companies:

  • Vessel operators are to allow trucks and drivers to embark.
  • Vessel operators are to keep a register of details for all drivers who board the vessels.

All drivers are to wear Personal Protective Equipment at all times:

  • Shipping operators are to discourage crew members from unnecessarily disembarking at ports and jetties and socialising at these points
  • For inter-island shipping, shipping operators and crew are to offload cargo and freight at a designated location on the jetty or port
  • Drivers can now move with their vehicles and deliver in outlying islands
  • Truckers and vessel operators are to ensure that proper screening takes place by filling in the necessary form
  • Members of the public collecting freight are to collect from this point, practicing social distancing. They are not to board the vessel under any circumstances
  • All villahe headmen to liaise with iTaukei Affairs for further information.

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