COVID-19: Lautoka Hospital staff and patients to be discharged home

Lautoka hospital. Picture: FT FILE

Staff and patients of Lautoka Hospital who were sequestered on May 5 when the hospital was put on complete lockdown will be discharged home tomorrow.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services confirmed this in its COVID-19 update issued this afternoon.

The ministry said the Lautoka hospital had completed 21 days of sequestration, and that it had been 14 days since a case was reported from the Western Division.

“It has also been 21 days since the last case was recorded from within Lautoka Hospital, with 4 rounds of testing completed for all patients and staff. Tomorrow the patients who were sequestered in the hospital will be discharged home, as will the staff,” the ministry stated.

“Only emergency services will be operational at the hospital from tomorrow, and the plan is to open the hospital to the public by June 1.

“FEMAT will also wrap up operations in Lautoka once the hospital is open next week.”

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