COVID-19: I just need food, says Khairul

Khairul Nisha pictured in Lautoka on Monday, April 06, 2020. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Seventy-three-year-old Khairul Nisha of Tomuka, Lautoka, is living on handouts from kind-hearted neighbours after her housekeeping and babysitting job ended last month.

“The family I used to go to do work couldn’t support me anymore,” she said.

“I used to do babysitting in one house and housekeeping for another house but they have both stopped now.

“I’m living with my neighbour after my son began facing some problems.”

The mother of three said she’d been living from house to house for the last 30 years fending for herself.

“I don’t depend on anyone. I do this work to support myself.

“But now I can’t because everything has stopped. The Lautoka border closed and I can’t go to any other relative.”

Ms Nisha, who lives with a family of seven, said she felt like she was a burden.

“The family I am staying with are struggling too.

“The couple have both been affected by what is happening.

“They have five children they are trying to look after and now they have to look after me as well. I’m not asking for much. I just need food.”

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